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BRCA Affiliated
BRCA Affiliated
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HNMC Constitution 2009

2009 changes highlighted in red

1). Mission Statement:

Herts Nitro Model Club is a non profit making club, providing a safe and structured environment for the competitive racing of nitro powered, off-road radio-controlled cars. The club shall endeavour to provide appropriate facilities in furtherance of this aim.

2). Membership:

2.1      Membership of the Club shall be open to all.

2.2     All members are required to pay a membership fee for the year in order to enjoy the following benefits of said membership;

  • Reduced race entry fees.
  • 5% discount at Models in Motion.
  • Access to the club website and forum.

2.3     Membership shall run concurrently from 1st January until the 31st December.

3). The Executive Committee:

The officers of the Club shall also be Members of the Club.

3.1      The Club shall have a committee consisting of the following positions:

  • Chairman
  • Deputy Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Clerk of the Course
  • Key Holder*

*This position may be opened to multiple incumbents subject to the Executive committee's discretion.

3.2    The role of the committee is to manage all aspects of the Club's administration. Decisions shall be confirmed by a majority vote.

3.3    The committee shall seek annual affiliation with the sport's governing body, the BRCA, and the Club's technical competition rules shall be set to follow the principles laid down in the BRCA Handbook.

3.4    Changes to the Club Constitution may be proposed at any time by any member. Any changes may only be enacted by a quorum of the Executive Committee, this shall consist of any 4 Executive Committee members. Changes proposed by a member who is not part of the Executive Committee must be made in writing to the Secretary. They will then be invited to the next Executive Committee meeting to discuss the changes in person.

3.5    The Executive committee shall be elected at the AGM by the general membership of the club. No member may be elected in their absence.

3.6   No member of the committee may serve for longer than 12 months without re-election. Any Executive Committee members wishing to continue in their position must apply for re-election at the hands of the membership.

3.7     If an Executive Committee position falls vacant during the year the Committee may follow one of two procedures;

  • Leave the position vacant to be filled at the next AGM
  • Elect a new member to fill the vacant position.

4). Duties of Committee Members:

All Executive Committee members are required to attend when possible the meetings of the club, whether race, Executive Committee or general/extraordinary.

The Chairman shall:

  • Be responsible for the constitutional running of the Club.
  • Chair the AGM and any other relevant meetings.
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination of all the Club activities.

The Deputy Chairman shall:

  • Be responsible for the convening of Executive Committee meetings.
  • Chair any meeting in the event of the Chairman's absence.
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination of all the Club activities.

The Secretary shall:

  • Keep a full list of membership and ensure that they all carry Third-Party insurance.
  • Keep a record of all Executive Committee meetings and the AGM/EGM. The minutes of these meetings shall be available to all members of the Club.
  • Draw up the agenda for all Executive Committee meetings and AGM/EGM.
  • Assist the Chairman in the running of Club.
  • Be responsible for the convening of the AGM/EGM, and the collation and submittal of candidates for the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Keep a record of and oversee all financial transactions of the Club.
  • Present a report on the Club's finances to the AGM.

The Publicity Officer shall:

  • Provide publicity for the Club through all available external media.
  • To keep the membership of the Club informed about all events and championships.

The Clerk of the Course shall:

  • Ensure the safe running of meetings.

The Key Holder:

  • This is a general committee position; individual incumbents may be tasked to carry out specific projects as agreed by the Executive Committee.

5). Executive Committee Meetings:

5.1    The Executive Committee will hold regular meetings to administer the Club's activities.  Any member of the Society is entitled to view any Executive Committee meeting, unless a closed meeting has been agreed by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. Only Executive Committee members may vote at these meetings.

5.2   The Society will hold an AGM, no more than 12 months after the previous, during which the following will take place:

  • The Club's Constitution will be approved by all members.
  • The Treasurer will present a financial report covering the past 12 months.
  • The membership fees for the following year will be set by the membership of the club.
  • Elections for the following year's Executive Committee will take place.

5). Executive Committee Meetings (cont):

5.3     All members must be given at least two weeks notice of this meeting.

5.4     An Extraordinary General Meeting must be held if requested by at least 10% of the membership (requests must be made in writing to the secretary). 

5.5      Quorum at an AGM/EGM will be 25% of membership or 10 members whichever is the smaller.

6). Safety:

6.1    Club members and visiting drivers MUST abide by the provisions of the Club Constitution. Failure to do so may result in the individual be subject to sanctions as laid down in section 7.2.

6.2   All racers, pit crew and any relief marshalls are required to carry BRCA insurance in order to participate in any meeting held.

6.3   Any safety recommendations of the Clerk of the Course or any member of the committee must be adhered to. Failure to do so may result in the individual be subject to sanctions as laid down in section

6.4   Site safety - There is a maximum speed limit on site of 10mph which ALL racers and visitors must adhere to.  In addition, car drivers are expected to drive safely and carefully at all times, as there may be pedestrians onsite.  Excessive spinning of wheels and other dangerous manoeuvres are strictly forbidden.

6.5   Testing of cars - The track is the only place where you can run your cars, during any meeting organised by the club, including practice, bash days and race meetings. All members and visiting drivers must have registered their operating frequency with race control before operating their cars.  The grass car parking area is off limits as it is not an enclosed area and there may be pedestrians about.

6.6   Driver etiquette - R/C racing is a great hobby. It's fun and exciting, but occasionally, the fun is somewhat spoiled because of some unsportsmanlike behaviour. The purpose of this appendix is to give a bunch of pointers on how to avoid high frustration levels, and to keep the racing friendly and enjoyable

6.7   Temporary structures - It is the driver and pit crew's responsibility to ensure that any temporary structure eg tent, gazebo, easyup etc erected in the pitting area is adequately secured and pegged down to prevent it being blown away in the event of high winds.

7). Discipline:

7.1     Failure of a Club Committee member to fulfill their job commitment may result in one of the following actions being taken by the Executive Committee:

  • A written caution.
  • Expulsion from the Executive Committee.

7.2      Failure of a Club member or visiting driver to adhere to the Constitution, or instructions given by the Clerk of the Course or any member of the committee, may result in one of the following actions being taken by the committee:

  • A written caution.
  • Exclusion from Club race meetings.
  • Expulsion from the Club.